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Our smartphone filmed stories continue to reach the most unexpected audiences in some of the most eclectic cultural homes. From the Smithsonian and the National Film & Sound Archive of Australia to the world's most loved festivals, we love connecting humanistic stories with communities large and small.

If you're keen on commissioning a content production; digital, social, theatrical or broadcast... we're all ears!

Introducing treehouse storyability


So what's Storyability? It's everything storytelling has been missing. Accessibility. Open skillshare. Sharing IP and growing as a bold creative community.


Since we launched our #Filmbreaker initiative in March two years ago we realised a great gap existed between what storytellers want and need to do and what was accessible. And we could see ways that imbalance could be corrected, but they were complex, fragmented and costly.


So we set about building a new Treehouse from the ground up, a brand that could step outside our own projects and help countless others access ideas, skills and tools to make richer, deeper, more connective content.

Outside our core family of four, we frequently grow our team with some of our industry's brightest like-minded collaborators.

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